School time already?!?!

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It's really hard to believe that school is going to start in just a few short weeks. Or for some of you it's already started. I can't believe that my oldest are going into 6th grade and my middle munchkin is going into 4th grade his final year of elementary school. Still have one more year to wait on the "baby" as she is only 3 and not of age to start school but she will be getting a backpack, crayons, and a workbook to keep her happy at home while the older kids are in school. Hopefully this will keep her happy. 

I finally was a vendor at a craft fair! It was a ton of fun... Stressful but fun. I had my older girls there to help me so that if I had to get food or go to the bathroom I had someone to tend to the table. My girls worked really hard to help me get all our last minute projects finished, displays made and product packaged. Here are a few photos from the craft fair...

 The girls helping me finish up a few projects the night before the craft fair.








I absolutely love my banner! My business cards match!

The other table in the middle of being set up.

I'm all about making great displays that don't break the bank! Not bad for $5!!!

The church that we were in made an amazing lunch both days. Chicken, corn and a pasta salad all for a small donation to the church. I cant complain... went to a good cause and it seriously was amazing!



I've already got a mind full of ideas to work on for the next craft fair and ways to display them. I am going to keep my existing products but keep an eye out for the new stuff!!! I'm so excited!!! 

Speaking of new craft fairs here are two craft fairs that we were invited to and as I get information I will pass it on to all of you!

Saturday, November 5th - 9am to 3pm 
        Annual Holiday Craft Fair
       St. John's Lutheran Church in Fallon

Saturday, December 5th - Information to come
      Fallon Lights of Christmas Christmas Craft Fair in Fallon
      Location to be announced


Will take 5% off all orders!


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