First Post!!

Posted by Kristina Kirk on

OCTOBER 1st!!! Where has the time gone. We are entering the final quarter of 2015. It seems like this year just started. But it has been a whirl wind for this family.

I'm finally getting a few minutes to get all my online activities done. It's a rainy day so the youngest and I are camped out inside. 

I have set up a "play zone" for the youngest. This is in our kitchen. It has changed a bit and has extended into the living room. Whatever keeps her occupied right?!

Things have been really crazy since I first opened this store. I have tons of items to place in inventory but haven't had time to get it done. And have had more family issues than I ever care to deal with ever again. But things are starting to look up and this store should be up and going with great success here soon.

A majority of my day will be spent updating the store, blogging, cleaning house and keeping the youngest entertained on this crummy day. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous start to their October!


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