...Bring May Flowers!

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Let me tell ya... April's weather was CRAZY!! We had highs in he low 80s, turential down pours with pea sized hail, crazy crazy wind and snow! Mix that with a crazy sports schedule split between two sports and I basically live at our ball field when I'm not working. So, our crafting time has been limited. However, I have managed to get a few things done...

April Review:

  • Received a craft fair application for the end of July in a neighboring city.
  • Got a few sewing projects done.
  • Weaving in ends on a few crochet projects that are taking up room.
  • Started deep cleaning my house. We had a lot of junk laying around. Some of it I have been able to up-cycle into some craft projects and a mouse trap in my rabbit house!
  • Been taking lots of pictures of products to add to the site.

What to expect in May:

  • More crafting... Softball ends mid May and baseball slows down to just a few practices and one game a week! WHOO HOO!!!
  • Finally getting time to update the site. I do mini updates to the site at the beginning of every month. But that is about all I get to do. 




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